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A little story about myself, I’m a photographer by day who likes to travel, enjoy long hours on a train ride, find luxury in discovering hidden alleys, and shop way more books than clothes. At first, I started this photo blog when I was still in high school (that was around 6 years ago) as a virtual journal to combine my love of photography and to share stories with people.

As much as I breathe the mantra to always live in the present, there’s always a time when I like to recall a specific moment within my life and that is when this personal space plays a really huge part of what I’d like to call some sort of “sanctuary”. It’s where I can always return and feel at ease, by making sure my eyes and feet visit new places every now and then. Even taking a stroll in my neighborhood and writing down my thoughts after it via visuals help me realize that in every journey that I encountered, I’m always a step closer to reaching home.

Some of the things that you can find on this blog are definitely my travelogue, work-in-progress, personal thoughts, and a space to help promote the value of community & people that I meet along the way (in this case, mostly sharing experiences of locals during my travel, and people/friends who inspire me with what they do).

If you happen to be a loyal reader (thank you!), I hope you like the new face of this blog. And for those of you who are new to this blog, I hope you get on board! Who doesn't love getting personal message? If you want to say hi, you can email me at hello@fransiscangela.com

The Author

Fransisca Angela is a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Through photography, she strives to deliver stories in the form of simplicity and a real connection between people and their surroundings. She enjoys wandering to new places and taking photos with both her film and digital camera.

Culture, people, and stories fascinate her.

With her strength in combining both visual and storytelling elements through photography, her work has evolved into a bigger scale helping brands with projects that span from creative direction like creating brand profile, video, to content creation.

For inquiries / collaboration / just want to say hi, please get in touch:

Clients : 
British Embassy
KEMALA Home Living
Shoe Artistry
Chic & Darling
Ayu Larasati Ceramics
Sukkha Citta

Editorial :
Alphabet Family Journal
Style & Decor
ELLE Decoration
L'Officiel Indonesia
Martha Stewart Living
JPlus Sunday

Publication :
Happy Vintage by Luthfi Hasan
Ils Sont Partis Vivre Ailleurs, 28 Portraits D'expatries
The Future of The Past

Exhibition : 
Independent Photography Festival 2016, Melbourne


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