On Changing Numbers

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I've been carrying my backpack for more than 8 hours

Roaming around different lounge areas in airport

Passing through draining security check, placing my laptop on a different compartment only to put it back inside

Bumping into two lovely Indian families who reside in the US

Listening to their children speak better english than I do

It reminds me of the way Jhumpa Lahiri tells stories about the lives of immigrants

Despite the noise from an infant who throws tantrum during boarding time

I get the whole row of seats to myself

I consider the spacious space as a gift, I got lucky

I kept myself entertained flipping through the meal options on the brochure

Feeling bad for the mother of an infant who was still crying

Thinking of how good it is if I can just lay down and stretch my legs 

But the solitary moment didn't last long,

not until the husband from one of the Indian families that I talked to come

He politely asked whether it's okay to join me on the empty row

"There's a poor old man who couldn't stop coughing sitting next to me."

Who would mind? A good company won't hurt this four hours flight

"Sure, please sit down!"

After talking about road trip in the US, camera gears, until his recent trip to Italy with so much excitement

I wish I could just close my eyes and fall asleep

But they haven't switched off the lights until now

And I just realised it's 12:20 AM

14 July 2018

Today I change numbers,

being above the sky with almost half of the passengers having their deep sleep including the guy who sat next to me

AA 407, Kuala Lumpur - Kolkata

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