Colors of January

Friday, January 5, 2018

These past three years, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend my New Year's Eve out and about in nature. There were a spiritual journey to Ubud in 2015 and an adventurous Ora Beach trip in 2016. I think with each different challenge and stress level that comes in adulthood, I seek for a quiet environment to simply reflect and unwind for the new year more than ever. Last 2017 was no exception, as five of us braved ourself through the so called crazy traffic driving to Puncak. It was a low-key end of year celebration, spending quality time with my closest friends at a private villa which we used to go often during our sophomore year. Growing up together, it felt nostalgic simply to be there especially with all the changes since it was newly renovated; the smell of freshly painted walls and new wooden floors.

We spent too much time cooking and sleeping, it was hilarious. Even we passed out after our NYE BBQ dinner and woke up just half an hour before the clock strikes midnight to see the fireworks from the second floor. I realised that although we went to a different path in life, we still remains as the same person who enjoy each other company after all. Cheers to a new beginning :)


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