Analog Journal: Tokyo Part 2

Saturday, September 16, 2017

After around ten days carrying a proper DSLR for work, I prefer to have some me time wandering through hidden alleys in Tokyo using only a simple point and shoot camera. There's always a little magical touch that neither your eyes nor a digital camera can capture compared to my favourite Olympus Mju ii. This post is dedicated to my last full day in Japan, as usual, written in a specific keywords.


Compared to my friends, I won't consider myself a foodie since I'm quite an easy person that take  pleasure from a soft boiled egg and sesame oil. But one thing that I can recall from my friend' message was "you'll love the food there!!" and "try as many food as you can". So I did and treat myself for a big lunch at this restaurant near Tsukiji Fish Market (where all the foodies go, obviously). The perks of going out on lunchtime was when you could get the most scrumptious food set in almost half of the price. While sitting at the sushi bar, I get to witness the cook, passionately wrapping sushi roll and smiling at me. He noticed that I'm a foreigner who cannot understand a single word in their menu. While usually I'll pull out my Google Translate app from my phone, this time, I asked his favour to chose my last lunch in Tokyo, it was a big Chirashi bowl. While waiting for the sun to be at least bearable to my skin, I slowly ate my lunch, enjoying my last day, counting my blessings for the fact that I've been in Japan for almost two weeks.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Beer O'clock

These past two years, I've been slowly getting to loosen up myself better through leisure time with former colleagues mostly on Monday, enjoying cheap beers at the nearest pizza bar. We usually had either the most ridiculous conversations or an intense ones and shared our germs through a large bowl of honey chicken wings. I'm not a drinker, and usually after one glass of beer, you could spot me as the 'red face' girl in the room.

While visiting this charming neighbourhood of Yanaka Old Town, I stumbled upon a collaborative space located in a renovated traditional Japanese house that has a bakery, local craft beer shop, and small space for local gathering. I've never had a beer alone, but on that last day I decided to order a medium glass of the local craft beer. The next thing I knew, I had a conversation with three Japanese girls who were about to go to a concert, asking their favour to take a portrait of me in front of this authentic Japanese building, just because. Only after seeing that shameless portrait taken by a stranger, I realised that I still carry my Asian flush syndrome with me everywhere I go.

Yanaka Beer Hall


Still with a face as bright as a fresh tomato, I decided to call it a day and go back to my place heading back to Yanaka Ginza to later catch a bus from Nippori Station. While walking under the big sakura trees, I passed by many locals enjoying their down time, some walked their dogs, a few carried their suitcase and the others were holding hands. All of those moments were recorded beside a huge cemetery complex in Yanaka. All seems well until I walked behind a young man wearing white suit, carrying two green watering cans, (I supposed) about to visit his long lost loved ones cemetery. All of a sudden, everything became much slower. I can portray myself visiting my grandma's cemetery back home. I miss her too much.

Yanaka Cemetery

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