Studio Visit: Taman Hayat

Monday, July 3, 2017

When I first started taking photography seriously and build my own portfolio, I set up one page dedicated to a series featuring people and their (mostly) home studios called Studio Visit. It all started by assignment from a few lifestyle magazines that lead to another opportunity. The idea of creating a small space at home to dedicate their passion and creative project always seems so appealing to me. I recently realised that I haven't put enough effort and time to this project and a few days ago I visited my former colleague new nursery project called Taman Hayat at his home. 

Indra, has been that one person who's just passionate about plants and blessed by having a green thumb. He's a firm believer that even one touch of plants at our room can bring a positive energy to our well being. And unlike any other nursery, they combine curated plants and handmade pottery by collaborating with a talented young potter, Kharis Riza. The idea is every time you adopt a plant, you can choose your own pot from their collection of handmade pots with (mostly) earth colour & (amazing) raw textures. So when he and Monica started Taman Hayat, I have no doubt that many people can relate to what they're trying to bring on a plate.

It started with a movement #SurelyGreenIsGood encouraging urban dwellers to create a little sanctuary of their own by simply adopting from their curated nursery. He transformed his small front yard into a home studio and a little jungle of cactus. We spent the rest of our afternoon eating a home made spaghetti and doing some styling.

If you'd like to see more photos from their lovely home studio, head over to this link: here


  1. This looks nice. I love space with purpose. lovely place.



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