Analog Diary : Tanjung Puting National Park

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Earlier today, I was browsing through an old archive from a trip to the home of orang-utans in Tanjung Putting National Park, Borneo a few years ago to support a blogpost material I wrote for ILL: link. I thought it would be nice to share these photos here on the blog, as it sure brings back all the good memories of my first part time gig at this digital agency. It was an eye opening experience seeing orang utans in their natural habitat without being threatened by giant corporate who burned down the forest to get palm oils. 

Looking back now, I feel really lucky to be given the opportunity to work and earned a living from my passion. With a bonus of exploring hidden treasure in my own country. I dearly hope the upcoming journey will lead me into more adventures like this :)


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