Venice | Disposable Camera

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It was late in the afternoon when we made our way from the harbour to lovely Venice when I realised that I had loaded a B&W film which I was planning to use in Paris. I was a bit down for a moment then made my way exploring and luckily found this shop with a Kodak signage in front of it (of course, I had a brief moment of celebration in my head). I quickly bought the disposable camera and was having a great time in point and shoot mode. The camera was very light, I barely feel like taking photos and were more like recording memories in my head through a viewfinder.

Unfortunately, we only had around 3 hours there so I tried to make the best out of our time (of course by avoiding the very crowded Doge's place) exploring the hidden alleys and (after much thought) bought a ticket for the famous Gondola ride. I was hesitant to do it at first, but surprisingly not regretting my choice. As much as I enjoy walking, there's this beautiful sight and charm of Venice that can only be enjoyed while cruising with the gondola. 


  1. These photos are wonderful! The Gondola is a dream to do one day. So happy you made good memories during those few hours. x

  2. These photos are fantastic, just like memories should be



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