De Botton and Amsterdam

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"It is unfortunately hard to recall our quasi-permanent concern with the future, for on our return from a place, perhaps the first thing to disappear from memory is just how much of the past we spent dwelling on what was to come-how much of it, that is, we spent somewhere other than where we were. There is purity both in the remembered and in the anticipated visions of a place: in each instance it is the place itself that is allowed to stand out." 

A beautifully written words from Alain De Botton's The Art of Travel that I treasure so deeply. I've been reading that lines over and over again and it feels weird when you can relate so much to the words while looking at the photos taken from my last stop of this year's trip before heading back to my homeland. It's been rough these past few weeks with all changes that has been happening around me. 
And somehow it feels comforting to simply look through these photography archive. All is well.


  1. i have to read it a few times, it does make me think.
    thank you for sharing the quote. and you're right. all is well. everything is gonna be alright.
    i hope you feel better now

    1. Thank you Niken for dropping by and your kind words. I really appreciate it :) Yes, it quickly become my favourite lines from Alain De Botton.



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