Sunday : Pasar Baroe

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I was having this conversation with a friend about photography and some random stuff some time around midnight. When both of us questioned the true meaning behind photography once again with the over flowing visuals on social media these past few years that finally led us to a conclusion that we (despite rambling about things) need to go for a trip together simply to reconnect with ourself and (of course) our camera. 

There were three of us; me, Li, and Renaldy. We came from a very different backgrounds but have the same interests and now pursuing our passion in the photography field. What makes this trip enjoyable is we also have different interests when it comes to our photography object. 

Li, as the man behind the lens of lifestyle online media, Manual Jakarta who's always been interested in architecture was the one who quickly stopped whenever a great shape, lines, or perspective catch his attention. Renaldy, the founder of film photography community called Jellyplayground ,who's been well-known for his girls in film camera photo series has deep interest towards mundane object we found on the street. While me, I've always been mesmerised by people, small alleys, well street photography in general. So it was quite fun seeing how we approach different either object or subject during the walk.

I used to do this random trip a few years back then during my college days, either with a few friends or simply by myself. I still remember how I used to go back and forth to this one particular vintage camera shop and had a long afternoon chat with the shop owner in Pasar Baroe. But as the time goes by, I get very occupied with work and slowly forgetting to spend some quiet time with only my camera hanging around my neck.

The trip began from a meet-up at this new coffee shop then we take the cab to Pasar Baroe. It was a bit chilly as we arrived so we decided to had lunch first. We went rooftop-hopping from one building to another (still, with the rain) since Renaldy had quite many references. And do endless walking through small alleys while we exchanged jokes and conversations. We visited Cikini to have our ice tea and evening meals before going back home. It was pretty much a well-spent day with these two people.


  1. This is such a great idea. Seeing the differences in style and differences captured from being on the same outing would be so interesting!

  2. awwwwwwww love to see you writing again! remember, taking care and taking time for yourself is important :-)



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