Sunday Blues

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I'm listening to Gretchen Rubin's podcast right now as I'm writing this blog post. And the only reason I tuned in because they're talking about one issue that I've been dealing for quite some time called "The Sunday Blues". I personally think there's nothing wrong with my day to day activities right now. Looking at how many people are dying to get a job on my LinkedIn feed makes me feel beyond blessed and grateful, so I cannot complain.

But sometimes, when it comes to Sunday, there will always be a mixed feelings. And to be honest it's not fun to feel grumpy on the only day off you have throughout the week. The thing about my Sunday Blues, most of the time it will be either very laid back or intense. And it usually began with a sleep deprived, although I had 7 hours of sleep every day. I just feel so tired when I woke up on Sunday morning after spending my Saturday night hanging out with my closest friends.

Hearing that podcast gave me a new perspective about what's the Sunday blues is really about. I also read some comments filled with many people who can relate to that topic, sharing their own experience and I find this one to be quite relevant to me!

"I think Elizabeth captured my experience best, when she talked about having too much choice on Sundays, and having to make decisions about how to spend the time. It almost feels like I clear the decks so that Sunday can be restful and relaxing, but when I get to Sunday I'm antsy and anxious, and can't decide what I want to do. I could choose a million different things, and I think that's the problem! It feels so important to really use this special day well, and not waste it, but then I end up spoiling it by feeling anxious and grumpy. " - Victoria
And to deal with this-so-called Sunday blues, I usually treat myself by paying a visit to my favorite vintage coffee shop at Cikini with my Mom, watching tv series, or working out. And after I had my dinner, then it's bed time again. I know I will be fine the next morning I wake up for work. So, I just knew there's such thing called as the Sunday Blues, and a friendly reminder to live in the moment.  Or maybe it's a sign that I need another getaway? :p

Have you been experiencing Sunday Blues too? 
Do share your stories, would be interesting to hear!

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