Staying at the local's in Ubud

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello people! I hope everyone's having a great start of the year and feeling much inspired already! Since I don't really have any new year's resolution, I'm just wishing I can post on the blog more often. And by decided to write at this very moment, I think it's a good start (although it's already the second weekend of 2016)

So here I'm sharing some photos from my last year end 5 days trip to Bali. Upon my arrival, I went straight to Ubud and stayed for one night at one of the local's house which happened to be my friend's yoga teacher relatives. I met up with my friend Denica and Bertram for a 2 days short trip together.

In Bali, they have this tradition of living in a different house but within the same area with their parents. So they have this quite big area and a few different small houses. In the photo above is Made, the daughter of Kakek & Nenek (means grandparents in English). To get to the house, we have to walk first passing a lovely rice terrace. And I still clearly remember, after having my first attempt riding a motorbike at night to meet Janet, the lovely lady behind Ubud Writers Festival at her cafe Casa Luna. We went home and looked up to the skies to be greeted with so many beautiful stars, it was such a simple yet great feeling!

What makes me cherish this kind of experience is simply because Ubud used to be a very sacred part of Bali where I often heard from the locals, there's just a few villas and properties back then.
So having the chance to stay with Kakek and Nenek was definitely a highlight of this trip. It reminds me once again to appreciate a home-cooked meals, stars at night, and having a grandparents. 

Ubud will always has its own charm compared to other part of Bali.
I highly recommend people not to only pay Ubud for a one day visit, instead go explore and get to know the locals.

Will update more stories soon!


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