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Thursday, December 24, 2015

I hope everyone's doing well and ready to welcome Christmas and New Year. 3 months of not posting anything here marked the longest hiatus in my blogging history. And I somehow feel terrible for not spending a little time to take care of this virtual journal of mine. This kind of "A year in review of travel" post has been something I always look forward to from time to time and if you're into blogging I really encourage you to do this. So here we go! (I hope you don't mind to hear me rambling, it's been too long!)

It's crazy when you think about it, but as cliche as it may sounds, time flies incredibly fast after you passed 20. And it's indeed a fact I was experiencing throughout these past two years. 

Well, 2015 has been a mixed of happy, sad, disappointing, and proud moment to me. This time last year, our big family would be so busy preparing for my grandmother's birthday who was born on Christmas. But earlier this year, she passed away and it's my first time encountering death of loved ones, so it was tough at the beginning.

Speaking about work opportunities, I've been blessed beyond everything to be connected with new friends and like minded people who not only inspire me but have been supporting me for this one year (you know who you are). Also this year, I passed another milestone by officially putting a Bachelor of Communication degree after my name. It's priceless to be able to put that big smile on my mother's face while attending the graduation ceremony, not to mention she changed her profile photo with my self portrait wearing Kebaya. So I think that's enough from the personal side, now I'd like to share why I write this review post in the first place.

I started doing this mandatory post from 2013. And the thing about this review is it reminds me about how important it is to spend a little time to see new places, try new food, and most importantly have fun. Also in this heavy digital world we live in, the reward of travel is not merely a good Instagram photos. For me personally, it's when I realized how small we are as a human being compared to this huge universe.

I decided to write some short stories and description from each of the trip this year. Most of the photos here are unpublished and taken with an analogue camera. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy putting them together! Even though I haven't seen many beautiful places, countries, islands that often. I know for a fact that I always breathe new air.

Mt. Papandayan, March 2015

Early on March 2015, me and my travel partner, Agata spent a 2 days hiking trip to Mt. Papandayan and looking back through my photo archive. No wonder it was one of the highlight of this year's trip. Surprisingly Mt.Papandayan is located not to far away from the city and the view is just oh-so-breathtaking! Not to mention, waking up early to be greeted with a land full of edelweiss while seeing the sunrise. We've been planning to go together for a hiking trip and glad we finally did!

Jogjakarta, June 2015

If you've been reading my photo blog for quite a while you might have noticed how I really love getting a short trip to Jogjakarta. This year's trip to that small yet full of culture and hidden gem city was more spontaneous than ever! I have this WhatsApp group with my closest friends and it was in the midst of busy day when I randomly asked "4 days 3 nights trip to Jogjakarta in the next 2 weeks, what would you guys say?". And the next thing I knew the four of us were already on a train to Jogjakarta. 

We literally made that trip the best out of our 4days, I took day off from work and it was worth it. We went cave tubing to Goa Jomblang, watched sunset two days in a row, making silly videos of us dancing to top 40 music, had the best gelato ice cream, getting fat, and so on.

Ciwidey, July 2015

I still clearly remember that it was a week after my trip to Jogjakarta when my colleagues initiated this weekend getaway to Ciwidey. We finished our work on Saturday together and went straight to Bandung around 11PM.

I truly believe that the most important time that being spent with your colleagues was not the one at the office, I cherished time with them outside office the most! After having hours of midnight conversation. The next morning, we had our noodle fix and went exploring Ciwidey for the whole day and arrived in Jakarta for work on Monday morning straight to the office, it was quite intense!

Medan, August 2015

I was assigned to become the second shooter for a destination wedding in Medan along with Antijitters team. It was my first time shooting wedding outside Jakarta and it's truly a great experiences. We spent 2 days working and finally got a chance to went sight seeing on our last day, visiting religious, historical places and ate a lot of good food.

There's actually a funny yet challenging story behind this trip. So the night before we leave for Medan, I got news that my final thesis exam was scheduled on next week which I haven't really prepared. Due to the volcanic eruption issue that was such a big hit around that month of August, the whole team were being helpful by making me scared to death telling stories whether I will make it on time to Jakarta or not.  But thankfully it went well and I passed my final thesis exam with great merit *proud*

Mt. Prau, November 2015

This last trip was quite ironic and contains just too many inside jokes between me and other friends. Despite the not so friendly weather since we hiked to the mountain, we were freezing like it was in the Frozen movie and slept through the crazy weather. Well the next morning, we thought we could see the sun rise and get soaked up by the sun, but it was freezing cold all we could see was fog, it cannot get any worse!

But the bright side was we maintained that crazy weather and trip pretty well! The moment we reached our tent, 7 of us was laying down and singing so many songs together to kept ourself warm. 24 hours total inside a bus ride, crazy weather, instant noodles, we laughed together.

Where to go next?

So luckily this won't be my last trip of the year, as I will be spending the last few days of 2015 in Ubud, Bali. It's not every year I decided to go somewhere during new year's eve, but I personally think this trip is much needed for me in order to get inspired. 

Since I obviously won't take my laptop with me. If you're reading this, I'd like to say thank you for reading my blog! And whoever you are, I wish you a pleasant year end holiday filled with bliss and inspirations to start the upcoming 2016. How will you spend your year end holiday? Kindly share on the comment box, I'd love to hear your stories!

And cheers, to more blogging in 2016 (amen)
If you'd like to see some progress of my photography works, you're more than welcome to click this link : here




  1. What a wonderful initiative to sum up all your trips! I totally agree with you that when you become 20 time flies... I'm turning 30 and I still can't believe it... and also that it is important to try new food and visit new places. Hope 2016 brings you lots of trips! Looking forward your Bali pics


    1. Thank you Barbara, it means a lot! Writing this review post surely bring back all the memories and left me feeling excited for new year!
      Yes, I know right? At first when a friend of mind told me that I was being ignorant, and another years passed by in a blink of an eye after I turned 20.

      Anyway, have a blast year end celebration, will definitely share some Bali photos soon.

  2. Your presence has been missed! So much has happened to you, and I am both excited and sad for you, and my deepest condolences. We lost our grandpa earlier this year. Here's to them and more adventures and I hope 2016 brings you a year of more happiness and success. x

    1. Thank you Louise for always leaving comment on my blog post. I miss blogging so much and will definitely make an effort next year by posting at least twice a month.
      Deep condolences to you too, Louise!

      I wish all the best things for you as well in 2016, more blessings, happiness, and adventures! Love!!

  3. Coming soon 2016!! where to go next????

  4. Ohhh, you're travelogue looks wonderful! All the stories and pictures are wonderful! Where will 2016 bring you?? ;)

    1. Thank you so much Louise! Happy New Year 2016 to you!
      I'm not sure where 2016 will bring me yet, but I'm pretty sure to new places *fingers crossed*

  5. Amazing summary, this would be the kind of post that your future self will appreciate and thank you for putting it together! My deepest condolences about your grandma, and congrats for your degree - I'm a fellow bachelor of comms too (my graduation was a long time ago tho)! Keep posting and inspiring, here's to a wonderful 2016 full of adventure x



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