Sosrowijayan Street, Jogjakarta

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thinking about going to spend a few days in Jogjakarta always put me in a better mood. Some friends even told me that maybe I should have just lived in that city. This is actually my fifth time in Jogjakarta and was very lucky to be able to discover the lovely alleys and hidden treasure in Sosrowijayan Street. 

Sosrowijayan has a lot to offer: from affordable hostels, coffee shop, and small bookstores! My favourite part is definitely the bookstore. There are a few bookstores which has a lot of secondhand novels, journals, magazines, and postcard from tourists who exchange with the owner all over the world.

Me and my friends were staying at this lovely guest house, Pawon Cokelat and found out that the bookshop is actually one block away from where we're staying. From such a tiring day before, I woke up quite early so I can take a stroll around the street and had a small conversation with the locals. 

If you happen to viist Jogja. Make sure you visit the Sosrowijayan I street, it's located near Malioboro area. I will be posting more photos from my last trip soon. Bye for now!! xx



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