Bamboo Bottle Homestay, living as a local

Friday, July 24, 2015

What is life without stories really? I love hearing stories in general, even better if the one who share the stories is actually living it. A little bit different compared to my previous visit to Jogjakarta. This time I decided to spend my last adventure days with three other friends at this lovely Bamboo Bottle Homestay in Bantul. Located not too far away from the city, Bamboo Bottle Homestay offers a simply genuine experience living as a local. Driving across the well known traditional craft haven Kasongan Village, Josh Handani, our host picked us up at the meeting point nearby and lead us to his home.

At Bamboo Bottle Homestay, there are four traditional bamboos hut, a dining table under the tree, an honest living room made from recycle stuffs like unused bath tub as their main ‘sofa’, and a huge amount of plastic bottles filled with trash which being used as an ornament to the house.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the warm welcome from Handani’s family and their adorable golden retriever, Fuso. Basically Josh and his wife, Dewi who's also working as a tour guide in Jogjakarta has four children; Iris, Abram, Kaca, and Semesta (such a unique names, right?). I exchange a quite interesting conversation with their eldest, Iris later to found out that she wanted to be a photographer too! It's exciting having her around and share a little thoughts about photography with her.

"I'd like to educate young generations like you guys to be more concern about how bad the impact of plastic is in the long run." Josh and his family don't just throw their plastic trash away, instead they put them inside a plastic bottle and turn it into something more useful like a bean bags and house ornaments. So that's why he decided to named the homestay Bamboo Bottle.

The first one-hour were spent wisely hearing the philosophy behind Bamboo Bottle homestay itself. As I’d like to call Josh an environmentalist and a passionate human being, he encourages us to pay more attention to mother earth. And how important it is for the next generation getting familiar with simple life which is less complex and more comforting. 

I knew from the very beginning that Handani’s family was the kind of people who’s living their own stories.

It was a quite packed schedule for our last day before we're going back to Jakarta at night. We simply wanted to make the best out of it. So we started our morning slowly by enjoying traditional breakfast that being served by Ibu Dewi, we had Gulai Ayam and Bakwan it was so good. Then we applied the Batik technique on a small piece of fabric guided by Iris. While we were waiting for our Batik creation to get dry, we hopped into our pedal and followed Josh for an amazing bike tour strolling around Bantul.

A night before, Josh told me that he wanted to show me and my friends some of the local's workshop.  We stopped by to greet other local, from carpenter, farmer, crafter, Blankon maker, and batik artisan. Overall it's one of the best experiences from our trip. I love getting to know people who are simply being thoughtful of others, in this case I appreciate how Josh wanted to give us the unforgettable moments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

And for now, here's the photos! I try to divide them into two parts so you won't get confused: the homestay and cycling tour.

Cycling Tour, strolling around Bantul and visiting local workshop

I'll end this post by sharing my favourite quote from Josh that he share with us during the cycling tour, "Prayer is an action". It simply reminds me and my friends on how actions will determine who we are as a person. We're all still learning, right?



  1. What a wonderful family to stay with and your experience sounds so great. Great to see you again :)

    1. Thank you Louise for the encouraging words!! I always read your comment and truly appreciate it. I'm just so bad at keeping up with the blog these past few months. Hope you're doing well!!



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