Down Time with Indoestri

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I personally believe that the most important time with your office mate are the ones that being spent outside the office! The whole Indoestri Makerspace team (minus a few people) took 3 days off to go outside from the city to this little sanctuary that is located near Curug Cilember that is owned by Leo and his family. This trip is much needed for the whole team of course. 

I love how the trip was so simple yet full of togetherness and laughters. Nothing fancy, it was that kind of holiday with no itinerary and the best time spent around good companion and good food. Irene take care for all our meals during this trip, from a big breakfast, lunch, and BBQ. Not only this trip bring us to get more closer, we also get to know Leo & Irene's family a little better, especially when playing with their kids, River and Skye. I couldn't be more thankful having to call Indoestri as my second family. Til the next trip!


  1. The place you were staying at seems cosy! And look at all these green. *O*



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