Mt. Papandayan

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So this is how my 2 days 1 night hiking trip to Mt. Papandayan looks like in photographs!! 

I still remember, it was Friday night and like another last day on weekdays, I was rushing to go home from the office and immediately finished packing my bags. We finally ended up inside a bus on a rainy night and left the city around 1am, soon I realized the sun rays go through my window and the next thing I knew for sure that I was already on the other side of the world (no, seriously). The hiking trip itself took us over 4 hours to finally reached Camp Seladah where we built our tent to stay for the night.

Like any other hiking trip, the only problem that made me and my friend being left behind was that we're just busy taking photographs and trying to enjoy every second of our step worth to remember. Mt Papandayan is surrounded with sulfur and fog, unlike most mountains in Indonesia that is rich with tropic colors, Mt Papandayan was more dominated with nude colors which in this case came new to my experiences.

The idea of a road trip always bring an excitement to myself, and even better when you get to met a lot of new people and surroundings. Me and a friend who has the same level of that excitement came for a road trip together?! Surely it made the whole trip unforgettable. 

Roemah Pulomanuk part ii & little updates

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hi guys! Sorry it took me so long to finally updated the part ii of a lovely house called Roemah Pulomanuk where we were staying for the short year end holiday! So basically you have an open air bathroom and the so called lazy house to just laying around, take a nap, and reading books. Not forgetting the lovely outdoor dining area where we gathered together for dinner at night with the sound of crickets and the sea. I suddenly miss this place so much and look forward to another adventure!

A little updates about life in general :
- I've been busy doing my final thesis writing about brand identity, new media, and the millennials generation. I so far enjoy it, since those three aspects are the things I enjoy exploring the most especially with the new media thing! We're basically living in a whole different era and it scares me how everything moves so fast. (So now you know why this blog become a little abandoned!)
- A book entitled "Happy Vintage" by Luthfi Hasan which featured some of my works has been launched and now are available to purchase at your nearest bookstores! Go here 
- A few weeks ago I just went for an open hiking trip to Mt. Papandayan and definitely will share the photos later! It was a very short trip (2D1N) but definitely worth it, since it reminds me about how despite the backpain, I will always enjoy hiking and exploring new places.
- You know you can always find me on Instagram : @fransiscangela

Thank you for dropping by and I promise myself to update this blog more! I miss it, a lot!

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