Roemah Pulomanuk part i

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I do believe in the saying "It's always better late than never.". And after spending my Sunday being occupied writing my thesis. I think it won't hurt to spend an hour or so writing this late blog post about how I spent my year end holiday, at a beach house with Ayu Larasati's family. Long story short, I've been chatting with her about any possibility spending the jolly season being out of town and simply mastering the art of slow living. She came up with the idea of visiting her house at Panaruban Village and to end the trip by staying at Roemah Pulomanuk in Bayah, Banten. 

Roemah means "House" and Pulomanuk is the local area around Bayah where there's actually one family that live there maintaining the house, they're called the Pulomanuk Family. We were staying at Panaruban for two nights before heading to Bayah at 3AM, Ayu's husband, Akbar was driving all the way from Panaruban to Bayah and it took us around 6 hours to finally set our foot on the beach. I love getting to know her little family and one of the most rewarding moment was when we got a chance to spend one night at this beach house. I can't state how lovely the house is, it's just so peaceful being there and the best part was when it just took us 2 minutes to the beach. 

There are three parts of Roemah Pulomanuk that can be accessed; the first one is filled with 4 bed rooms and an open bathroom while the second house is especially made for procrastinating, I mean for being lazy, reading books or just taking naps, and the last one is the kitchen. I decided to split it into two blog posts and pictures in this post were mostly try to captured the first house. 

The bedroom was painted blue, there's no phone, television nor an air conditioner. I honestly think it's that kind of house that simply being built to help people find peace and be with themselves wholeheartedly. I actually fell asleep to the sound of the sea and cricket singing lullaby inside a mosquito nest. I seriously can't complain, it's one of the best experience during my stay there. Wait til the second part!

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Such a beautiful beach house! So nice you got to spend time there with people. It's like an escape from the world and technology, and I can imagine how peaceful it is. :)

  2. This sounds simply divine! The calm and peace oozes from your pictures and words.. I'd love to know more definitely. It sounds you know how to live Sisca! ;)

  3. What a beautiful house and sounds like a much needed retreat away from the city. Can't wait to see part 2!

  4. Dear Fransisca, i like your post about Roemah Pulomanuk. Its a simple and oldies touch of a resort. I'd like to go there. Escape from Jakarta, my hometown.



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