Feeling nostalgic

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I came early for a photo gig around Ancol area that day and as I came here with my Mom, she initiated to visit Pasar Seni (Art Market). Pasar Seni is a well curated art market who give space for local artists and makers to showcase and sell their works directly to the public. I was feeling very nostalgic there since I came here often and spent majority of weekend during my childhood here. Everything still looks the same, except how empty the market was, I still have this memory of the place being so crowded on weekend and it feels empty now being surrounded by just a handful of people and artworks, some of the art stalls also are abandoned or simply just empty. 

One thing that got my attention was a painter gallery who open his space for one day painting classes. I was fascinated by the painting there and am planning to visit Pasar Seni again sometimes soon to just simply relax and learning new skill in painting, who knows right? Looking back to last Sunday, I'm very grateful to be able to came back to this place with a new different perspective, that it's been a while now and how I can appreciate the beauty of art and the people who works for their passion differently compared to when I was still a child. It's a mixed feelings, well, I've grown up.


  1. It's always special to re-visit a place you haven't been for a while. As always I love your photography! The one with the yellow "wall" with the shadows of the trees looks amazing.



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