Feeling nostalgic

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I came early for a photo gig around Ancol area that day and as I came here with my Mom, she initiated to visit Pasar Seni (Art Market). Pasar Seni is a well curated art market who give space for local artists and makers to showcase and sell their works directly to the public. I was feeling very nostalgic there since I came here often and spent majority of weekend during my childhood here. Everything still looks the same, except how empty the market was, I still have this memory of the place being so crowded on weekend and it feels empty now being surrounded by just a handful of people and artworks, some of the art stalls also are abandoned or simply just empty. 

One thing that got my attention was a painter gallery who open his space for one day painting classes. I was fascinated by the painting there and am planning to visit Pasar Seni again sometimes soon to just simply relax and learning new skill in painting, who knows right? Looking back to last Sunday, I'm very grateful to be able to came back to this place with a new different perspective, that it's been a while now and how I can appreciate the beauty of art and the people who works for their passion differently compared to when I was still a child. It's a mixed feelings, well, I've grown up.

Studio Visit : Ayu Larasati, Ceramicist

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beside travel and review on things that I like, I've been preparing a new series for my blog as a way to improve myself better through photography and writing. I don't have any resolutions for this year, since I'm not a big fan of making one. So beside the usual posts on travel and some of my worth-to-share daily happenings, this year you'll also see posts on my journey visiting makers, designers, illustrators, writer, photographers studio, mostly from Indonesia. And to mark the fist Studio Visit series, we have Ayu Larasati, a Ceramicist who has been very passionate making ceramics by her own hands at her lovely home studio.

Long story short, I met Ayu through Instagram for about 4 months ago and we've been building friendship since then, we even went on a year end vacation to a beach house together (later on the blog, I promise!).

During her years working abroad in Toronto, Ayu fell in love with the sound of pottery wheel and decided to bought one and having the best time producing mugs, bowls, and platters under her basement. Earlier in 2014, she came back to the homeland and now the mother of one is taking her passion seriously working as a ceramicist with the brand under her own name, Ayu Larasati.​

Ayu is not only a friend, but someone who I look up to in terms of creating balance between her works and personal life, as well as honoring her life's calling. She often mention that she want to keep running the business in a small scale so she can handle all the productions of her pottery pieces. Other than making ceramics, Ayu also has been involved teaching basic pottery class at Indoestri Makerspace usually on weekends. Thank you Ayu for letting me shoot your lovely home studio!

You can see Ayu Larasati works at www.ayularasati.com
Or follow her Instagram : @alarasati


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