Travelogue : 2015 in Review

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I hope everyone's doing well and ready to welcome Christmas and New Year. 3 months of not posting anything here marked the longest hiatus in my blogging history. And I somehow feel terrible for not spending a little time to take care of this virtual journal of mine. This kind of "A year in review of travel" post has been something I always look forward to from time to time and if you're into blogging I really encourage you to do this. So here we go! (I hope you don't mind to hear me rambling, it's been too long!)

Design*Sponge Jakarta City Guide

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This year has been pretty much exciting with new opportunities and collaborations with other creatives. One of them is waking up to an exciting message from a dear friend who is also a talented ceramicist, Ayu Larasati who was assigned for Design*Sponge 24 Hour City Guide in Jakarta. It's even more thrilling to be the contributing photographer for that article.

I really enjoy the process of making this piece of article worth to share. From combining the list of our favourite places, went from one place to another using motorbikes the whole day (thanks to GoJek for saving our sanity, it's a truly must have transportation app if you ever want to visit Jakarta), trying new food, museum hopping, and went for a long walk under the big trees in the midst of busy Jakarta. It's so tiring but definitely worth it!

I'm sharing with you some outtakes here because I personally think that it'd be more fun to share the other side of Jakarta also here at the blog.

Read the full guide : here
And I'll end this post by posting our mirror selfie in one of the temple at Petak 9.

Fransisca Angela

Fear of the unknown

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taken from my personal journal
Bali, August 1st 2014

As a human being, the biggest barrier we encounter daily is how to overcome fear. A question I usually get from my friend and colleague is “How could you become so fearless about things?”
This might best occur to when I go on to adventurous places which some may feel afraid of going or when I become the first one who do the talking in front of class or when I simply doing mundane things like taking a long ride with public transportation all by myself.

Well while truthfully I have fears too. I wonder who doesn’t? Fear of not being good enough at what I’m doing, fear of not being loved, fear of doing new things, fear of changes, and the list go on. I still remember how one of my friends in college told me about how she was afraid of the future. Which path she should choose and the worst thing was how she thought she’s the only person in the entire universe who feel the pressure. I called this fear of the unknown.

I can tell her things like “Everything’s going to be okay” instead I chose not to and ask her to enjoy the ride. I convinced her that even Beyonce who considered as the so-called-woman who runs the world, has fears too. Even the most successful person has fears too about what’s going to happen in the future. 

At that time I can relate to her feelings. Since I often find myself in doubt to start doing new things like a personal project simply because I was afraid they would turn out bad or not as good as I’m hoping. I missed out on quite a lot of opportunities I can get by not trusting myself more and just go for it. And if you asked me how I feel about it, I feel grateful! I feel I learned a lot towards the process and it taught me how to overcome fears, trust myself more and have the guts to do things.

The worst scenario was when I ignore a commissioned project because I think I cannot do it. I set limit to my own capacity, which was bad. Later I get lost in my own thoughts that it’s actually wonderful how people can trust you to do specific things. The idea of them having me across in their mind to help them is just exhilarating. And my plan to overcome fear of the unknown is to trust myself more and see my self as a human being who will always have to learn and develop new skills in order to become a better person.

I currently read a book titled “The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and would like to end my first day writing challenge by quoting this wonderful line.

“Every time we step into the discomfort of growth and progress, we become free. The more fears we walk through, the more power we reclaim. In this way, we grow both fearless and powerful and thus are able to live the lives of our dreams.”

notes : I just recently completed my obligation as a communication student and got my bachelor degree. I was feeling proud of myself for getting through it and deliver my best until the end of journey. Until yesterday, I just feel completely overwhelmed and relieved at the same time with the fact that it's finally over. 

I finally realised that I was in my post-graduate-syndrome. I would personally define that kind of state in life as a reminder to once again reflect on all the things that I have done and the ultimate moment when being honest about "what to do next" is the most rewarding thing that we can do to save ourself from blaming things in the long run. 

So yeah, I think this is the first time I'm putting myself out there, by being vulnerable. I was browsing through my old journal and found this writing and how it can relate to my feelings. It also lead me to a decision that it's time to publish one of my writings, the one that I kept in my personal journal, here on the blog.

Bamboo Bottle Homestay, living as a local

Friday, July 24, 2015

What is life without stories really? I love hearing stories in general, even better if the one who share the stories is actually living it. A little bit different compared to my previous visit to Jogjakarta. This time I decided to spend my last adventure days with three other friends at this lovely Bamboo Bottle Homestay in Bantul. Located not too far away from the city, Bamboo Bottle Homestay offers a simply genuine experience living as a local. Driving across the well known traditional craft haven Kasongan Village, Josh Handani, our host picked us up at the meeting point nearby and lead us to his home.

Sosrowijayan Street, Jogjakarta

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thinking about going to spend a few days in Jogjakarta always put me in a better mood. Some friends even told me that maybe I should have just lived in that city. This is actually my fifth time in Jogjakarta and was very lucky to be able to discover the lovely alleys and hidden treasure in Sosrowijayan Street. 

Sosrowijayan has a lot to offer: from affordable hostels, coffee shop, and small bookstores! My favourite part is definitely the bookstore. There are a few bookstores which has a lot of secondhand novels, journals, magazines, and postcard from tourists who exchange with the owner all over the world.

Me and my friends were staying at this lovely guest house, Pawon Cokelat and found out that the bookshop is actually one block away from where we're staying. From such a tiring day before, I woke up quite early so I can take a stroll around the street and had a small conversation with the locals. 

If you happen to viist Jogja. Make sure you visit the Sosrowijayan I street, it's located near Malioboro area. I will be posting more photos from my last trip soon. Bye for now!! xx

Instagram Takeover at @featureshoot

Friday, May 22, 2015

Two months ago I woke up to an email from the editor of Feature Shoot, Ellyn who offer me an exciting opportunity taking over their Instagram for two days in a row. Without second thought, I say yes, I was scheduled for May 19-20, time flies and I didn't recognise until a few days ago, one night before the takeover she emailed me as a friendly reminder.

I was too excited about sharing the other side of Jakarta to the world, the next morning, I woke up around 7 AM and jumped out of my bed strolling around to the nearest neighbourhood which is also a suburban area around where I live.

It's quite challenging since the rules of this takeover is all the images should be taken in real time and using only phone camera. I'm very grateful for the chance since I got to visit a few places I've been wanting to photograph for a long time and met a lot of new people. But the most important thing is sharing my works to the people who appreciate it.

See the complete series on @featureshoot

Down Time with Indoestri

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I personally believe that the most important time with your office mate are the ones that being spent outside the office! The whole Indoestri Makerspace team (minus a few people) took 3 days off to go outside from the city to this little sanctuary that is located near Curug Cilember that is owned by Leo and his family. This trip is much needed for the whole team of course. 

I love how the trip was so simple yet full of togetherness and laughters. Nothing fancy, it was that kind of holiday with no itinerary and the best time spent around good companion and good food. Irene take care for all our meals during this trip, from a big breakfast, lunch, and BBQ. Not only this trip bring us to get more closer, we also get to know Leo & Irene's family a little better, especially when playing with their kids, River and Skye. I couldn't be more thankful having to call Indoestri as my second family. Til the next trip!

Mt. Papandayan

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So this is how my 2 days 1 night hiking trip to Mt. Papandayan looks like in photographs!! 

I still remember, it was Friday night and like another last day on weekdays, I was rushing to go home from the office and immediately finished packing my bags. We finally ended up inside a bus on a rainy night and left the city around 1am, soon I realized the sun rays go through my window and the next thing I knew for sure that I was already on the other side of the world (no, seriously). The hiking trip itself took us over 4 hours to finally reached Camp Seladah where we built our tent to stay for the night.

Like any other hiking trip, the only problem that made me and my friend being left behind was that we're just busy taking photographs and trying to enjoy every second of our step worth to remember. Mt Papandayan is surrounded with sulfur and fog, unlike most mountains in Indonesia that is rich with tropic colors, Mt Papandayan was more dominated with nude colors which in this case came new to my experiences.

The idea of a road trip always bring an excitement to myself, and even better when you get to met a lot of new people and surroundings. Me and a friend who has the same level of that excitement came for a road trip together?! Surely it made the whole trip unforgettable. 

Roemah Pulomanuk part ii & little updates

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hi guys! Sorry it took me so long to finally updated the part ii of a lovely house called Roemah Pulomanuk where we were staying for the short year end holiday! So basically you have an open air bathroom and the so called lazy house to just laying around, take a nap, and reading books. Not forgetting the lovely outdoor dining area where we gathered together for dinner at night with the sound of crickets and the sea. I suddenly miss this place so much and look forward to another adventure!

A little updates about life in general :
- I've been busy doing my final thesis writing about brand identity, new media, and the millennials generation. I so far enjoy it, since those three aspects are the things I enjoy exploring the most especially with the new media thing! We're basically living in a whole different era and it scares me how everything moves so fast. (So now you know why this blog become a little abandoned!)
- A book entitled "Happy Vintage" by Luthfi Hasan which featured some of my works has been launched and now are available to purchase at your nearest bookstores! Go here 
- A few weeks ago I just went for an open hiking trip to Mt. Papandayan and definitely will share the photos later! It was a very short trip (2D1N) but definitely worth it, since it reminds me about how despite the backpain, I will always enjoy hiking and exploring new places.
- You know you can always find me on Instagram : @fransiscangela

Thank you for dropping by and I promise myself to update this blog more! I miss it, a lot!

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