Saturday and Storytelling with

Monday, September 29, 2014

As you see on my previous post before. Last Saturday was probably my first time being a spoke person at debut mini class, and thankfully it went well. I was quite nervous before the presentation but everyone was very lovely and it made me feel really grateful at that time. 

Since the main theme is Visual and my session entitled "Photography & Channeling Your Own Value Through Storytelling", I decided to divide it into 3 parts. The first one is Visual : Photography, Added Value : Storytelling, and Platform : Digital Era.

I mainly share about my photography journey on the first part and how I always put storytelling in any of either my personal project or commission work. Honestly, storytelling is the most important thing above any aspect when it comes to making visual work. I usually make outline and draw my own storyboard before begin any shooting. I love making concept about any creative work in general, so storytelling is one of those activities which I enjoy the most. 

Added value can be anything, it's that kind of love and thoughts you put on any of your works. I brought with me an example of this magazine named Alphabet Journal from Australia which have a really lovely concept of naming their issues with an alphabet. Their first issue is Issue A and all of the stories and photo essays begin with the alphabet, A. It goes for the next issue which is Issue B and contains of all black & white pictures. Head to

And in the last part I share the platform I use in this digital era in order to deliver my works, how blogging have a huge impact in my life, how it connect me with friends from around the world and offer me so many opportunities also the important role of having a personal website to showcase your works.

At the end of my session, I ask them to make a simple mind map consists of at least 3 parts which I present for the past 1 hour. What would they make from visual, the added value (it can be anything), their platforms as well as their dreams.

Their excitement towards the mind mapping surprised me in a really good way. I picked two winners who made the best mind map, hand them a little gifts and all the mentors gather for a group shot together. I went home at 5PM and head to my friend's brother wedding at night, it was a lovely day.

p s : I never consider myself as a mentor and I share what I've learned during my time being a freelancer these past year and it makes me feel content that I'm able to share it with other people. I'm learning by doing and making my life become more meaningful by sharing. 

Beach Days

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pictures above were taken with my beloved film camera during my last short trip to East Borneo. We went island hopping and had the best time embracing our summer break. Sorry it took that long to finally post these pictures. I just got home from an exciting day with new people, opportunity, and surroundings, cannot wait to share it with all of you! Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful week!

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