Daytrip with Marianna Jamadi

Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Saturday I had this wonderful chance meeting LA-based photographer and traveler, Marianna Jamadi. I've been following her Instagram account for months and honestly I'm very inspired by her desire to travel. On Thursday, while searching for endless inspiration for my upcoming photo series on the cyber world, I stumbled upon her interview with Need Supply and was surprised that she has half of an Indonesian blood from his father and that she was coming to Indonesia! 

Looking at how she captured honesty in most of her photographs, then I wonder "It would be amazing if I can show her the most genuine part of Jakarta". I emailed her and she agreed to take my offer, I was so excited at that time! I spent quite some time to once again browse her website and travel blog to find the perfect route to take her and I personally think there's no better place than Petak 9 Market for the first stop of the day. 

We went to Kelenteng, eat noodles, and having the happiest time interacting with the locals and photographing them. After Petak 9 Market, I took her to see this post office in Kota Tua area which now being known as a place to showcase artworks from local artists, see old buildings, went thrift shopping and old camera hunting at Pasar Baru, and at the end of our trip I took her to this huge mall called Grand Indonesia.

It was such an amazing day! We exchange our travel stories, life experiences, and share quite many things in common from favourite books, our bucket list, big fan of anything stripes, perspective about life, religion and many things since we talk about almost everything during that day. Hearing her stories, she inspires me to do better, to travel more, to see the world, and making the best out of life itself.

Get to know Marianna better, a little Q&A session with this inspiring lady!

Being born and raised in California, you have half of Indonesian blood. So what do you think of Indonesia after today's long trip?
I think it's been a really different experience for me this time, because prior to this trip I've always been with family and I felt like today I was really more of a local and so I got better sense of the culture and the people. And I think I got to interact with the people a lot more where I feel like previously maybe there's a little bit of the distance there. And so as much as I would identify of Indonesia as my culture, perhaps maybe this is the first time that I'm actually feeling it. So it's really mix experience.

About her tattoo
Before my trip I wanted to get two tattoos, one that represented each of my heritage. So in Finland I decided to do this one which is the outline of Finland and I wanted to get my other arm that represents Indonesia. So that way I would be balance on both sides, so I actually wanted to get both tattoos in the actual places. 

How do u feel being raised by two parents with different backgrounds?
I think it's fantastic, I think it's enriching and sort of allow me to be really open to other cultures as well. While I'm embracing my own culture it made me even more fascinated with others. So I think the mix is really important to who I am and who I am become.

What's the biggest challenge between having the two cultures?
I don't really know that there's really been a challenge, I know some people have wondered if I felt more or that I related to one more than the other but I really feel connected to both. And so I feel there are two equals part of me, I feel at home in both places.

Be sure to check what's captured by Marianna during her travel to Jakarta here
Mari is also the co founder of El Camino Travel and will visit Nicaragua for the debut trip

I will cherish that amazing day trip with such a very inspiring lady and end this post by quoting words from her Facebook Page, "We meet as strangers and leave as friends." 

Natural/Sun Print

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello! First thing first I'd like to apologise for being so quiet around here. Life has been pretty exciting these past few months and I'd find myself getting in a good rhythm doing freelance works and this kind of DIY project you've seen above during this long summer break. But I should have made a more good time management when it comes to blogging, yes! (notetoself)

So to be honest, the idea of creating something always leave me feeling overjoyed. And yesterday I tried my first ever natural/sun print with various kind of leafs, a bright sun, some chemical liquid, and water. When the colour starts to turning into blue, I think I was having the best time! Definitely would love to do this more often, and even better turning it into a print? :)

p s : I'm feeling overwhelmed with my travel photographs, I haven't seen it in a while. I (promise) will post the photos and stories later.
Thank you for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your week!

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