Be Open

Thursday, March 27, 2014

You don't have to go far to feel more content with your life. Daytripping to even the closest park near your place will bring an inner peace within yourself. The phase "Happiness cost nothing" is true, it just may take a while until you realize the beauty of your surroundings. 
What's your favorite place to go on a one day trip?

I'm currently listening to Danilla's debut album Telisik. I watched her live performance last night and it was such a treat. Thank you for dropping by and have a good day!

Genus Indonesia

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It was a gloomy Monday morning before I finally be able to wrapped a portrait shoot with Kinanti who happened to be my senior in high school. We then decided to went wandering around Fairgrounds. I was amazed by the time we went upstairs straight to a place named Genus. We were greeted with many pretty succulents and the shop itself is quite a heaven-sent! The combination between all of those sky scrapper building around SCBD area with this natural green color blends perfectly together.

I dearly hope to see more lovely places like this in town. Do you have any favorite unusual place to hang around in your city? :)
Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day!

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