Feeling Secure

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There will always be a moment when you feel secure around the presence of people in your life. Be it your family, your loved ones, your best friends, even strangers who keep you company during a long night bus ride. Last night on my way back home from the first day of my new term, I feel secure being surrounded by people who happens to be on the same bus with me. Some of them are still college students like me, workers, moms, and travelers. And I realized the reason of how I was feeling that way is the fact that we're on the same way back to a place called home. 

The joy of having people who care about you around, their words calms you down, their presence always seems more important than anything else. Be grateful for them. 
Have a good day everyone!


  1. It's always such a comfort to be around those who are like you, similar interests and even goals in life. Having those who care is even a better treat and an amazing feeling :)

  2. People are pretty exceptional and wonderful. I really like the last photo too, it's like a happy hug... not a corny-i-love-you-i-dont-quite-know-what-that-means-hug. You know what I'm saying? It's cute. And nice. I hope you're doing well!! x



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