June in 1x1

Monday, July 1, 2013

These are some of the highlights in June according to my phone camera. All pictures above were taken from my Instagram. I just love how the square format consistently giving you that more depth focus on a photograph, I think they looks more define in 1x1! Follow my journey documenting everyday's life and essentials through Instagram: @fransiscangela

Listen: here 
Since I'm on my final exams marathon, more pictures are coming up soon! 
I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for dropping by xx


  1. Your instagram photos are so pretty! The square format does make things more interesting.

    Good luck with your exams!

  2. Your instagram timeline is the best! Your photos are soothing :)

  3. That song is awesome, thanks for sharing! Good luck with finals!! I'm following you on instagram and your photos are awesome, as ever! ;)

  4. I think you have such an inspiring IG. These are good monthly round up photos :)

  5. Lovely Instagram account! I'm not very close with my phone and I don't use it very often, but your photos are amazing. :D

  6. Beautiful photos! I lovee the simplicity of them. :)

  7. Lovely photos. :) Good luck for your exams!



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