Monday, October 1, 2012

Today I decided to playing around with this square picture format and I'm pretty much happy with the results. Some pictures above were (still) taken during my latest trip to Bandung.

It was another particular day when me and my fellow closest friends were planning to just hit the road, had lunch near this lovely hotel, standing on such a really great spot with this magnificent view as an additional bonus and most importantly having a real good time!

College had started since 3 weeks ago and I'm quite excited with this new terms ever since mostly the subjects are my favorites. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to Laura for tagging me along with the sunshine award this week. More pictures and stories to come!
p s : Do you notice a little changes on my header? Tell me your thoughts about it ;) Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Great pictures!btw very nice blog design, clean and elegant!and nice font

  2. such lovely pictures! cute blog~!

    lindsey louise


  3. lovely photos, the square format looks great, sometimes that's just the way a photo should be. :)

    little henry lee

  4. love your pics and the square format works really well on both! my pleasure for the award, your blog deserve the shout out :)

  5. you take such pretty pictures- at first i didn't think these were yours and it was like an inspiration post lol! i wish i could just pack up and hit the road, i'm so tempted to. and i really like your header! it looks very clean

  6. How am I only now seeing this post? And I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT-THING - what you've got going on. The font is really sleek and nice.

    The photos in this pictures are, once again, really nice. I love the light in the first one. - It must be great to go on trips with your friends like that.

  7. ...and I love all your pictures!

  8. Thank you so much for such a very kind & encouraging words all! Have a wonderful day, thanks for dropping by :D



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