Butterfly Park, Bandung

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi, here's some pictures I took during my latest trip to Bandung. Me and my 4 beloved friends were visiting this (brand new) Butterfly Park. It was quite early in the morning when we arrived, so it seems that we were their first visitors. We waited in front of the park patiently while taking silly pictures & talking  about how awesome it might be to be surrounded by butterflies for real, in a park, and there were just 5 of us inside. Long story short when the clock hit 10, finally we saw the officer guy and I still remember how I was the first one who jumped out from my chair filled with the feeling of excitement. And since the park itself was still under a sign of preparation, they let us get in for free! (yay)

As we walked inside the park, there were so many butterflies flying around from flower to flower! It was pretty hard shooting them since they flew away too fast tho, so I think I just have one butterfly shot worth to blog :p. Overall, the park is so amazing & enchanting! There were hundreds of flowers I think I could settle around the park.
Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day!

Favorite Color

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some places I've been to in these last couple of weeks.
This post consists of some photographs taken from my 2 different trips. The first one was a one day trip to this magnificent waterfall & another one was an opening celebration of Kebun Khatulistiwa at School of Universe (seriously, one of the coolest green school I've ever seen).
It always feel so right for me to be surrounded by nature & its greatest color.

Listen: http://soundcloud.com/bandaneira (I'm pretty sure it will worth your time)
More pictures are coming & thank you so much for dropping by! 

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