How are you kids?

Monday, May 28, 2012

It was a fine Sunday evening then I came across to this little theme park and was so dearly in love with almost everything from the moment I stepped in! Looking at the surroundings there made me feel so happy I even decided to staying there a bit longer.

This ain't those theme park with fancy rides and exclusive souvenir shop, neither Disneyland nor any other park that will cost you a fortune. It was just a plain football fields which some people managed to transformed into a real heaven on earth for kids!

I watched those kids playing around, laughing, once mocking each other, smiling at the popcorn booth, doing whatever every child called as having fun. I stood there and realized that although we'll grow older, sometimes all we need is just to enjoy the simplest thing in life.

Time passed by so quickly and the next thing I knew, I was filled by an intense feeling of joy.
"I enjoyed childhood, I must confess. What I remember most? Having no stress." -Peter Bjorn & John

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