House On A Hill

Thursday, December 27, 2012

We spent two nights over at the top of the hill. A very beautiful view was my daily dose while being around there. I still remember how clear the view of the sky was! Anyway, gazing at the sky always be my favorite thing to do, it gives me that kind of warm feeling. 

Hopefully I will have another chance to visit more wonderful outdoor spaces especially in my beloved country, Indonesia. I will be spending the rest of my holiday by enjoying more great books & foods! I hope you have a wonderful time & thank you for dropping by :) 

A Wonderful Christmas Package

Friday, December 21, 2012

Helping out Baketionary shooting these wonderful pieces of desserts as well as designing those tags & cards for their Christmas package. Can you spot the Santa's hat cupcakes? I dearly can't wait for the big day to come so I can gather around with the whole family celebrating my granny's birthday. What's your plan for Christmas day? I would like to know!
More pictures to come! Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day X

Akili House

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last month I took a photo project which located in this beautiful house named Akili. At the moment I stepped inside the house, all the surroundings fascinates me. Even better, the owner transformed their backyard into the most comfortable outdoor spaces.

They also have this private museum which showcasing a numerous great collections of art eversince the owner, Rudy Akili is a devoted art appreciator. I could easily spotted so many art books from all around the world. Sadly, I don't have the chance to enter its beautiful private museum. Anyway, I don't take this last picture below and surprisingly it is how the gallery looks like. When I found this pic, I knew that I need to share it. And I would love to pay a visit inside someday! Overall, the house is magnificent. Thank you for dropping by!

Leaving Blues

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some leftovers memories through film I found earlier today. I love the fact of how these pictures reminds me of quite many great places I've been to these past few weeks. Will share more pictures about one of this beautiful place for sure! I'm currently getting out a bit from reality (exams & works) and feeling glad ever since there's only 2 more subjects left!
Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful week :D

The art of seeing a piece of art

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday is a really perfect day for a spontaneous trip to an art exhibition. It was the last time I went to a gallery with my friend and ended up making slow speed photographs for the rest of the afternoon!  Look at your surroundings, take a walk to an art exhibition, look deeper, read more books, and the world would be much better if you try to understand the meaning. 

Location: "Karya Sang Juara" at Galeri Nasional which showcasing artwork from the winners of the prestigious fine art competition "Indonesia Art Award" from 1994 - 2012.

Anyway been repeating this B&W video for quite awhile now: Greeting From Indonesia
Thank you so much for dropping by and have a wonderful week everyone. Exams are coming!

One Fine Day: Kedai Kemang

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kedai is the name of this lovely little restaurant located in South Jakarta. I do really like the homey concept of this restaurant, how they maintain to arrange things even surprised me.

It's kinda rare to find a perfect place to chill & enjoy such a tasty home made afternoon snack. Since either a coffee shop / restaurant looks similar and almost have the same menu these days, don't you think? Anyway, for those who are curious about this place, go try their Nasi Panggang Kebun & Bakwan Komplit! Address: Jl. Benda Raya No. 89, Jakarta Selatan
p s : More pictures & stories are coming. Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day!

Mother Nature : Tahura Juanda

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tahura Juanda, I obviously left my heart at this place! This national park was named after a historical Indonesian figure, Ir. H. Juanda. The first thing you might see when entering the gate was a massive amount of pine trees which surrounded the whole welcoming areas! 

Following the footpath by such an endless walking, it surprisingly leads us to more beauty of the mother nature. I can't describe how breathtaking the view was, even these photographs won't do the justice. Surely I'll be back to this place near in the future. Anyway, I've been repetitively listening to Two Door Cinema Club's newest album, Beacon. It's just sooo good!
Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Today I decided to playing around with this square picture format and I'm pretty much happy with the results. Some pictures above were (still) taken during my latest trip to Bandung.

It was another particular day when me and my fellow closest friends were planning to just hit the road, had lunch near this lovely hotel, standing on such a really great spot with this magnificent view as an additional bonus and most importantly having a real good time!

College had started since 3 weeks ago and I'm quite excited with this new terms ever since mostly the subjects are my favorites. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to Laura for tagging me along with the sunshine award this week. More pictures and stories to come!
p s : Do you notice a little changes on my header? Tell me your thoughts about it ;) Thank you for dropping by!

Commission : Baketionary

Friday, September 14, 2012

I was commissioned to arrange a mini photo session for this Jakarta based online patisserie shop, Baketionary(which adapted from the owner's infinite passion towards baking & a bit of dictionary, I suppose)

Alas, not everything went very well that day. But luckily, I was teamed up with such a really helpful food stylist and be able to wrapped the shoot at the right time.

We did a mini shoot for ourselves, laying on the grass, then grabbed a (not so) late lunch afterwards. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Mich, I really had a blast!
Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day!

Butterfly Park, Bandung

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi, here's some pictures I took during my latest trip to Bandung. Me and my 4 beloved friends were visiting this (brand new) Butterfly Park. It was quite early in the morning when we arrived, so it seems that we were their first visitors. We waited in front of the park patiently while taking silly pictures & talking  about how awesome it might be to be surrounded by butterflies for real, in a park, and there were just 5 of us inside. Long story short when the clock hit 10, finally we saw the officer guy and I still remember how I was the first one who jumped out from my chair filled with the feeling of excitement. And since the park itself was still under a sign of preparation, they let us get in for free! (yay)

As we walked inside the park, there were so many butterflies flying around from flower to flower! It was pretty hard shooting them since they flew away too fast tho, so I think I just have one butterfly shot worth to blog :p. Overall, the park is so amazing & enchanting! There were hundreds of flowers I think I could settle around the park.
Thank you so much for dropping by & have a wonderful day!

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