Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Venice | Disposable Camera

It was late in the afternoon when we made our way from the harbour to lovely Venice when I realised that I had loaded a B&W film which I was planning to use in Paris. I was a bit down for a moment then made my way exploring and luckily found this shop with a Kodak signage in front of it (of course, I had a brief moment of celebration in my head). I quickly bought the disposable camera and was having a great time in point and shoot mode. The camera was very light, I barely feel like taking photos and were more like recording memories in my head through a viewfinder.

Unfortunately, we only had around 3 hours there so I tried to make the best out of our time (of course by avoiding the very crowded Doge's place) exploring the hidden alleys and (after much thought) bought a ticket for the famous Gondola ride. I was hesitant to do it at first, but surprisingly not regretting my choice. As much as I enjoy walking, there's this beautiful sight and charm of Venice that can only be enjoyed while cruising with the gondola. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

De Botton and Amsterdam

"It is unfortunately hard to recall our quasi-permanent concern with the future, for on our return from a place, perhaps the first thing to disappear from memory is just how much of the past we spent dwelling on what was to come-how much of it, that is, we spent somewhere other than where we were. There is purity both in the remembered and in the anticipated visions of a place: in each instance it is the place itself that is allowed to stand out." 

A beautifully written words from Alain De Botton's The Art of Travel that I treasure so deeply. I've been reading that lines over and over again and it feels weird when you can relate so much to the words while looking at the photos taken from my last stop of this year's trip before heading back to my homeland. It's been rough these past few weeks with all changes that has been happening around me. 
And somehow it feels comforting to simply look through these photography archive. All is well.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To dream & see the world : Switzerland

Life is full of (unpredictable) surprises when you least expect about things to happen. And as cliche as it may sound, when it happens to you, that phrase actually make a lot of sense. For those who have been following this blog, I started this virtual journal of mine with only two simple reasons: to share things that captured my eyes and hopefully inspire others with my stories.

And for that reason, I chose the title, "My Unpredictable" for this blog simply because I often feel that life's experiences and the opportunities that came along my way to be quite unpredictable. Every journey, people, story that I had encountered always greet me with different purposes which happened to be great most of the time.

This mid year, I've been given a wonderful opportunity to travel and see the other side of the world I've never dreamt of visiting with my big family. We went for a three weeks trip with 15 family members in total, being a globetrotter across Europe. I'm already back in Jakarta and have been dealing with my post-vacation-blues for almost two weeks already! I decided to make a series called "To dream & see the world" out of my long trip where I'll be highlighting some places that has won my heart.

Our first stop was Switzerland, where I had witnessed such a breathtaking view of Mt. Titlis and visiting a dreamy small city called Luzern. It was a bit chilly in the morning as we leave for Mt. Titlis and I still clearly remember the excitement during my early days of arriving in Switzerland and when I just simply being mesmerised by my window seat view. Every sight was totally new to me. I was loving every second of it and feeling grateful for what mother nature has to offer.

We took a cable car ride and continued our journey going to the top of Mt. Titlis. As soon as we arrived, it was cloudy so we can barely see anything. Although I was feeling a bit disappointed at first, despite the fog, me and my cousins spent an hour or so playing snowball fight together.

As the time goes by, the road get more slippery and when I realised that my oxford shoes get super wet, finally the sun's out! Just the right time before we leave, a beautiful array of sunlight came towards the mountain and we spend more time enjoying it. It was breathtaking and for a brief moment I couldn't really believe what I saw. There are so many things in life to be thankful for, and being able to witness such a heavenly view is on top of my list. I've always said this, but whenever I travel to new places, especially when mother nature is right in front of you, I feel more grounded.

Tune in next week to read more stories from my trip to Europe! 
If you're still reading this, thank you for dropping by and have a lovely week :D


Fransisca Angela

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday : Pasar Baroe

I was having this conversation with a friend about photography and some random stuff some time around midnight. When both of us questioned the true meaning behind photography once again with the over flowing visuals on social media these past few years that finally led us to a conclusion that we (despite rambling about things) need to go for a trip together simply to reconnect with ourself and (of course) our camera. 

There were three of us; me, Li, and Renaldy. We came from a very different backgrounds but have the same interests and now pursuing our passion in the photography field. What makes this trip enjoyable is we also have different interests when it comes to our photography object. 

Li, as the man behind the lens of lifestyle online media, Manual Jakarta who's always been interested in architecture was the one who quickly stopped whenever a great shape, lines, or perspective catch his attention. Renaldy, the founder of film photography community called Jellyplayground ,who's been well-known for his girls in film camera photo series has deep interest towards mundane object we found on the street. While me, I've always been mesmerised by people, small alleys, well street photography in general. So it was quite fun seeing how we approach different either object or subject during the walk.

I used to do this random trip a few years back then during my college days, either with a few friends or simply by myself. I still remember how I used to go back and forth to this one particular vintage camera shop and had a long afternoon chat with the shop owner in Pasar Baroe. But as the time goes by, I get very occupied with work and slowly forgetting to spend some quiet time with only my camera hanging around my neck.

The trip began from a meet-up at this new coffee shop then we take the cab to Pasar Baroe. It was a bit chilly as we arrived so we decided to had lunch first. We went rooftop-hopping from one building to another (still, with the rain) since Renaldy had quite many references. And do endless walking through small alleys while we exchanged jokes and conversations. We visited Cikini to have our ice tea and evening meals before going back home. It was pretty much a well-spent day with these two people.